SeaFit Irvine

Reformer Rocker & TRX

SeaFit Irvine offers a unique twist to reformer Pilates; Reformer Rocker and TRX! Each class you will experience the combination of the mindful movements of Pilates on the Reformer Rocker and the challenge of suspension training of TRX to leverage your gravity and bodyweight for a full body workout. You will increase energy, reduce stress, strengthen without bulk for a toned and slender body.

At SeaFit Irvine each exercise is performed with slow and controlled movements, in perfect form to work your deepest muscles for optimal strength and posture. Each slow and controlled exercise on the Reformer and TRX suspension will help your body gain balance and increase coordination while engaging multiple muscles giving your body the opportunity to burn more calories and lose inches faster! The low impact exercises using the Reformer and TRX suspension will help you build your core, gaining control to avoid forceful or explosive movements that can cause injury on your muscles and joints. SeaFit Irvine will build your endurance, strength and increase flexibility. Be ready to become hopelessly addicted!